Saturday, February 28, 2009

these are the first step in a series of billboards for a weather station

these are a start to conveying the seven sins. Screen caps of my TV of various telecommercials

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SO I think these are close. tell me what you think.
 JAMIEwhat egg-bacon combo looks the most delisious...
michael and cameron collaborate

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Victor Papanek

So I was wondering if the pans and the waitress were she recognizable, simple enough, and stylistically congruent? Are the pans too obvious?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I know its alot of its but I seem to be a verb so...)K i'm frustrated so....imput possibly please





Monday, February 2, 2009

1_Can this theme drift to a tangential meaning that is commonly associated with the item under the light to create narrative and possibly broaden meaning..kind of like a thesaurus?

2_This theme

use iconic items found in american diners to as metaphors to approach underlying issues.

Use a very informative approach starting in the left hand side of spread, and slowly progress to the right as the items meaning either broadens or the root of the message is reached.__that would be at the very edge of the page.

the theme will make an educational experience that may affect an adult or a younger viewer. The objective is to effectively send the viewer from one end of the spread to the other and leave the final connotation up to them.

The experience of going from the denotative to the connotative should hopefully be a stretch when viewing the cover and the farthest right connotative image.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

my reasoning for the use of grotesque/odd/erotic imagery in the spread of each cover is to evoke a kind of clashing mood. If this is an undesirable effect for the project I should probably find that out soon...ish
I hope to further develope this Idea to explain the effect of female archetype roles in the US middle class+more on young girls. But hopefully without to much text....just enough. Its a common subject nowadays.
I'm not a sexist
I'm just trying to learn
closed spread
open spread
this book will hopefully take the form-but not too directly represent-a menu



this is a first attempt. I decided that instead of revising it a bunch right away, I'd just post an unfiltered attempt. that way I can get back to working on other pages.
note___A_the babies are a maybe, if the viewer is able to take the rest of the information and apply it to create their own interpretations.____B_I'm not sure how much to incorporate text....but I'll get to it after I do more visual stuff.

OK__so far, the dictionary style and the photo album style aren't very prevalent. I don't truly have the conno/denno fully seperated...or the variety image sources, but this is starting to hopefully set a kind of example for my idea.

about my viscom book

so I thought I could use a definition style for dennotative and use my wikipedia diner slang on the connotative. Is there any more room or need for additional text?

so once again. the dennotative is universal, so I'd format like a dictionary....then the connotative would be a page of tangents that could be taken on the item. This would hopefully come off as making the diner a metaphor for a broad range of subjects.

or should I just stick to the way that these iconic items have an affect on our current culture?
(simple diner explains complex issues/points viewer in that direction)