Thursday, March 18, 2010

UX: revised collages

Before revising these collages I had a few agents in the field who visited florida for spring break. They noted that there were a lot of young girls who had high alcohol tolerances and low self respect. This was interesting to me because I wanted to aim this beverage "VOLUME by ACME" towards this group. Maybe even be a positive influence because I know some girls that respect themselves while still having fun.

Maybe this is the wrong tree for this project

Nicole Kidman is on my COMPARABLE PANEL because it is a perfume add. Just thought that adding in this part would help explain the concept a little.

All sorts of girl21-30 on the TARGET AUDIENCE PANEL. Thought there were some interesting artists that I could reference to explain my concept. Seems that some girls of the recent past had troubles with conformity, peer pressure and clicks. Lately there seems to be a new role model image of a woman who makes her own decisions. I hope to in some small way popularize this new trend of girl

The third is a CRAZY INSPIRATION PANEL, meant to help me find those special Visual Signatures of a fashion magazine. Going for that look can be challenging for a guy sometimes I guess. We will see how it turns out. I've probably already made a jerk out of myself in this post. Oh well, I try

eventually hope to market this as a healthy choice. Maybe I could push the warning label and the drink responsibly attitude to make it a little more interesting