Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Louis Curtiss_architect of the FOLLY THREATRES beginning at the STANDARDS THEATRES as a burlesque house. I wonder if the trio or the new trio or jobim or the maocha new that they would ever end up being used as subject matter for competative collegiate level poster making. I wonder if any of those people guessed they would be performing in some way or another within the walls of a theatre visited by so many famous.bogart, or brilliant.marx brothers- or visa versa

the storm from the flower

I am in the process of writing a poem that has manifested itself through the sounds I've heard coming from the cloud of the trio de paz. so far I think one song has connoted thoughts of the flowers transformation into a storm cloud.
By a certain time the a storm of fruit begins to build a head. The head will be cut up into blocks of knowledge and tools and words of teachers. just before the compression of the accumulations complete, the flower must decide to become a cloud as well or be trapped in the rain and the sun for all of its short life.

right before a flower goes on its way to change, a snapshot is taken of the rebirth.

I to my ability I'll conjure this fruitful journey of positivity into a heap of floating symbolism.


I've taken some authorship in the notebooks I've photographed. The notebooks seem to be in a dark place. This is meant to start setting the tone of my research as it emerges into the approachable access of the blog. In our new typography book "Elements of typographic style", I've found one of my favorite phrases regarding design.... goes as follows__typography makes at least 2 kinds of sense if any: one is visual sense: two is historical sense.

this phrase begins to help me make sense of my process on the project at hand 'get more familiar by listening to their music, reading reviews of their performances and studying their background. Gather and/or produce a range of visual assets . Find info that is intriguing and distinguishes them as jazz musicians.

(colors, textures, rendering styles, photos and typefaces)

I began by looking for the root source of the Trio De Paz - and found out at least 3 major things that made great sense.

1/ the group formed their name based on an original EL TRIO DE PAZ. the origin played some different instruments. Essentially the original group was a collection of musicians that came together in the spirit of the writer singer songwriter ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM who was born in RIO DE JANIERO.

I looked through this mans written lyrics before I YOuTUbed him. ANd I was blown away by his words. the first one I read was AGUA DE BEBER or to drink water. I've read and watched dozens more but as of now I still plan to use the theme of that first song for my final symbolisms.

FrenchtoCANADIAN by KcMoposter052

FrenchtoCANADIAN  by  KcMoposter052