Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Take a look. I'm still working on it but these are the first groups of thought and I'm pretty sure that its a little to tangential. just gimme a shout back so I know for sure. I do think it would be an interesting way to make my icons have a broader meaning.

the darker outlined bubble around the fifties group is to help with legibility and distinction.

If I were to tell you now, I'd say I'll use the icons in a symbolic way. Maybe the gumball for capitalism; the booth could represent the people of the hour (fifties), and could start a tangent that covers cultural info; waitress- capitalism or some sort of reference to class and wage workers.


these seem to be a good direction for the poster. They are collaged together to show the break down and build up of the "basics" mentioned by WEINGART. He said though he broke away from mainstream swiss, the basic principles remained the same.