Thursday, January 29, 2009

I thought a good justification for this image being my symbol would start out with the babies.
On my person, I don't generally carry an index.
I'm known for clutter, but I'd like to help the viewer understand me a little better.

Everyday I feel like I wake up in a body that remembers things it has to do, people it knows, and places its seen....I don't feel like I have a self, or a little cam inside.

I'm just overwhelmed by everything that happens to me, and always feel like I'm the student.

to everyone I know____they are teaching me, they know more than I do.

I'm more like a shell of a man that i should be..HA

so the tree and the machinery hope to describe how I try to make sense of my surroundings, however distorted my sight, or anyones sight is.....We all have our systems of understanding

this sounds like a diary_sorry.

anywho......Babies=the feeling cam gets in school, talking to his genius friends/teachers, listening to the news, knowing that what he is looking at during any given moment is(((A)-insignificant, and (B-can never be seen by anyone but him......))um), when he looses his cell phone/keys/wallet/house/pants/home-work/files.................., when he wakes up and goes to bed and talks to his genius girlfriend on the phone and when he eats alot

this might be my symbol_I don't know yet

I was thinking it might be interesting to use some termonology I found on wikepedia called....

parking lost with old cars and big family diner sign
old waitress (possibly some well kept cute old ladies, some mean grungy waitress)
old men with hats sitting together
old women sitting alone
chairs/tables booths greasy foods
counter top ketchup/mustard bottles
breakfast foods glass coffee pots
table/chairs napkin dispenser antique coca cola signage

glass doors with signage boards indicating local activity
old crook tooth smiles
little kids
gum-ball dispenser