Thursday, January 29, 2009

I thought a good justification for this image being my symbol would start out with the babies.
On my person, I don't generally carry an index.
I'm known for clutter, but I'd like to help the viewer understand me a little better.

Everyday I feel like I wake up in a body that remembers things it has to do, people it knows, and places its seen....I don't feel like I have a self, or a little cam inside.

I'm just overwhelmed by everything that happens to me, and always feel like I'm the student.

to everyone I know____they are teaching me, they know more than I do.

I'm more like a shell of a man that i should be..HA

so the tree and the machinery hope to describe how I try to make sense of my surroundings, however distorted my sight, or anyones sight is.....We all have our systems of understanding

this sounds like a diary_sorry.

anywho......Babies=the feeling cam gets in school, talking to his genius friends/teachers, listening to the news, knowing that what he is looking at during any given moment is(((A)-insignificant, and (B-can never be seen by anyone but him......))um), when he looses his cell phone/keys/wallet/house/pants/home-work/files.................., when he wakes up and goes to bed and talks to his genius girlfriend on the phone and when he eats alot

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