Monday, September 21, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: poster project synopsis

This failure to sell to this client is the most enlightening thing to happen to me this year. It has brought a conclusion to a question that has only brought upon more questions since it was asked the first time.

My process was an expansive question, and it seemed that not even my final product could bring me a viable conclusion. The critique should have seemed to be a likely climax of such a story but alas it only increased tension.

The grade (whatever will be) will cease to be more than an indicator, indexical item or residue of what was to inedibly transpire.

Surely there were answers that came from this quest including the key to my impediment to speaking in a group of people. When giving them a presentation, I simply tell them of my WILL or message intended and its means of achieving perception in the viewer. My means of explanation lies not in phonetic memory but in the writing down of key points I must cover. When this is done it is a simple matter of impact, resonance and cadence.

With the exception of this one valuable answer, before the conformation of my failure there was still nothing close to a divine revelation reaped from the fields of my process labors.

The failure was the much anticipated climax.

The conclusion to the story is anything but a decent. The knowledge attained was the key necessary to unlocking a new passage way.

The passage was not so much a path as it was a release and ascension of the meaning of the will.

The will is both a verb and a noun. Will wants. Will must achieve. Will is found in people, organizations, countries etc. It is the only finite resource no matter how much it needs any resource.

Means are nouns and or verbs such as a hand, a tongue or a wrench. Only with the proper means or tools can the will ever achieve anything. The means must accept its role as a tool to will in order for it to ever have its own will.

The role of the designer is the role of a tool. This tool is necessary as a means to any end for any will. The client is the WILL and the designer is the means, and if your own will and that will wants is to achieve a means such as capital then it is in your best interest to act as a means to the clients end.

This is true whether or not the WILL of the client is in their best interest if and only if there best interest is in your best interest.

By knowing this I can finally conclude that the only way I could have learned anything is if I were to fail and meeting the clients goal since it is apparent that in the past I have failed at meeting the teachers goal and also received such enlightenment.



the final form

while researching this musical culture, I was lead to compose an interlacing of flower roots with the map of Rio De Janiero as well as a hand rendered text which mimics both the songwriters written words and the stem of the flower.