Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jamie. Just thought I'd show you this project my foundation group did in Jim Sajovic's class. It reminds me of what we are doing now but with some different restrictions and subject matter.
_we painted (with india ink) about 30 6"x6" compositions.
_about every five comps were a group that sequentially transformed from one image to animation cells.
_then we used those comps to create a big comp (30"x30"). We could crop and rotate the originals in photoshop and then print them out for pasting.
_in crit we tried to analyze each comp in the room using lots of adjectives to objectively describe the images.

just thought I'd tell you, don't know why. I guess that seeing the consistencies in projects like this only go to show me that it is a universal tool in vis com.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Cameron. Yes, there are some great formal ties between these projects.

    The question now being how you can bring your handle of form to the next level, while also being very attuned to creating an artifact with conceptual strength (assignment still to come).

    This project obviously operates with a different set of tools too, so I encourage you to utilize your past experience as a barometer to really exploit those differences.