Friday, September 26, 2008

RhetoRic RetRospect

DeaR Michael EppelheimeR, the link between these two woRds is faiRly obvious to me but I should explain my intentions in oRdeR foR you to find it as Rational as I do.



   AmeRican HeRitage dictionaRy_n. a Review, suRvey oR contemplation of things in the past


   DictionaRy.com1. contemplation of the past;  a suRvey of past  time,

events,  etc.

    -veRb (used without object)



   AmeRican HeRitage DictionaRy_a. The aRt oR study of using language  effectively and peRsuasively.

  DictionaRy.com_2. the aRt oR science of all specialized liteRaRy uses of language in pRose oR veRse,  including the figuRes of speech.

I would like to link these two woRds togetheR in a fashion that discRibes...

1. ouR Reflection on the way we Rationalize thRough discouRse and the use of language 

2. how ouR Reality has always been based on language and theRefoRe to fully undeRstand ouR Reality and  its limitations we have contemplated the histoRy of so many gReat thinkeRs

3. how, now that we undeRstand what ouR Reality is based off of, does it deceive us (is the Reality 

language, discouRse and communication (veRbal, wRitten and visual) cReates moRe oR less Real than the Reality expeRience gives us).

I think it is since a human being cannot peRceive an entiRe situation-like the cRisis of ouR economy foR example- without the help of vaRious communication devices. Even if one could peRceive such a macRo delemma without the help of the media oR public domain info oR the inteRnet, theRe is no way foR that peRson to be able to do anything about it. Unless that peRson gains a position of poweR that allows theiR ideas to be communicated to the masses then they will go unheaRd.

I don’t know if I would be capable of coveRing all of these points in this pRoject but I have a few ideas on how the imageRy and letteRfoRm could hint at these ideas in a moRe subtle way. I’m thinking I will use text walls to cReate a spatial effect. The text I plan to use will pRobably be veRy impoRtant texts in the histoRy of language. FoR example, Religious texts, goveRnment tReaties oR documents, philosopheR wRitings fRom DaRwin/MaRx/BeauRegaRd etc., and cuRRent day wRitings oR examples of communication(in the manneR it is distRibuted today thRough inteRnet, magazines, television, satellite Radio, infoRmation gRaphs, etc.). All these things would foRm a backgRound element that would line up inteRactively with the letteRfoRm the cReate new meaning foR both the foRegRound and backgRound.

The letteR foRm would pRobably be made up of a baseline element like diffeRent alphabets and numbeR systems. It may even RepResent a child oR neutRal chaRacteR that the vieweR could Relate to.

But befoRe I wRite anymoRe please wRite back whetheR I can keep going oR not. Please keep in mind the fact that the images/sequences I will pRoduce will be a Reasonable simplified RepResentation

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