Monday, December 8, 2008


So I've come up with some ideas for the dot comp book.
1wikepedia information-----dont like it

2dictionary-----dont like it

3job search adds+++++like it
help wanted

4multi-lingual translation------dont like it
5childrens dictionary++++like it
dictionary for kids along with explanations that are both linear and warpishly not linear but expose kids to ideas that are slightly more complex. The idea is 1-expose kids to linear associations from visual to verbal communication in more sophisticated and still remain logical__and 2-introduce sophisticated ideas to kids that may not grasp all the associations all at once.......this would make the book more meaningful for a longer period of time.__perhaps kids will grow more connotations for the words at earlier ages.
I think this one could be especially interesting because I heard garret talking about children learning at abnormal rates because of the exposure to more complex information. This idea wouldn't be a very refined resolution in book form but I think it could be a good step.

It seems today that kids books are presented in a very concrete and picturesque format. I feel the way kids learn language through systematic association could be carried over to their visual vocabulary as well.

I feel like visual to verbal communication and visa versa could start in a less backwards way

for instance......instead of matching the word-build___with the image-building __kids could maybe match the word  build    with imagery of the most basic associations of build such as modular building blocks that combine to make something much bigger. It could even be benificial to simplify the images to iconic or even abstract formats.

I just think that learning could be planned out to be more chronological in some areas and more time warpish in others.......

garret brought up an interesting that learn multiple languages at early ages.

this is proof of the phenomena equivalent to babie geniuses.....I mean kids that are understand complex things at early ages because of early exposure to ideas beyond their initial capacities.

personal experience______my girlfriend can read one page in a harry potter book in 30 seconds. I can read the same harry potter page in no less that about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. My girlfriends read great expectations at the age of 9. I was playing power rangers or drawing or something. Her mother read to her every night since before she was a todler till about the age of 7. etc etc nurture etcnurturenurturenurture

well thats my outline for that idea

please reply so i can continue

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