Tuesday, September 29, 2009


LAMENTO from Cameron Perry on Vimeo.


  1. once again AWESOME! haha. Is that Tro Da Paz?

  2. Its JOBIM. The choice was made because this is a bit of a teaser film.

    It may seem to be a bit of an arbitrary connection, but the rest of the context will come from the many new edits and installations I've made.

    Basically the stories communicative capacity will be determined after I see people's reactions the the typographical additions.

  3. cam, i'm not sure what to comment on. it doesn't have that much connection to your project in terms of subject matter. the basic connection between the music (for setting the mood) and the high-speed video are pretty nice. it gets more interesting with the streaks of light and some of the repeating/jumping parts. there are also a few places where i notice connections between music and image, mostly in terms of your edits. this type of high-speed footage is nothing new however, and i would encourage you to look at other ways of telling your story that are more unconventional.