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this is a nice online reference for elements of book design

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this site helped me obtain very simple and very quiet information regarding the current project.

Running Heads and Folios

Running heads: A running head is a short phrase or headline repeated at the top of the text page. These help the reader identify where he or she is in your book. The left-hand (even-numbered) running head generally repeats the chapter title; the right-hand (odd-numbered) running head generally repeats the last main heading on that page. If the heading is too long to fit in the allotted running head space, use an abbreviated version of the heading. Set in bold, 9 point type, either all caps or cap/lowercase style.

Folios (page numbers): Set the folios in 9 point bold.

Position: The placement of the running head and the space below to text must be consistent. On left-hand pages the folio should align with the left margin and the running head with the right margin. On right-hand pages the running head should align with the left margin and the folio with the right margin. Allow 1-1/2 lines of space between the running head and the following text, table, illustration, etc. Do not allow additional space if the page begins with a heading, table, illustration, or any element that would normally have additional space above it in running text. Chapter-opening pages, part titles, and front matter opening pages do not have running heads. These pages have drop folios. Position drop folios 1 line below the bottom of the last line of type.

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