Wednesday, October 21, 2009


DIGITALANALOGUE from Cameron Perry on Vimeo.


  1. i will start out by saying that these sounds are undeniably cameron, which is a good thing. it's challenging, and i appreciate that. there are a lot of abstract sound effects in there that could be matched up with a wide range of visuals to expand the meaning of the imagery, or to put us into a slightly-out-of-real world situation. was there a sped-up radio in there too? some of the stuff that's recognizable, that doesn't obviously go with "printing" at all doesn't seem to work as well. the voice-over about creativity is nice, but it should be edited to 30 seconds or less. the music was really nice.

    moving forward, keep doing more of the same with the sounds, but pay attention to the restrictions you have in the types of files you collect and the length restrictions.

    nice work! it's cool to hear them edited together.

  2. thanks tyler,

    you've brought up some good points. I'll get right back to work.