Sunday, November 8, 2009

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  1. Hey cam....ok after your presentation of friday this is what i think...your presentation had a lot of noise and giving the nature of this project it was kind of fitting. You had mentioned the idea of making your piece like a "performance" and while i think the idea of a narrative like way to teach the viewers about communication i think that you make sure it is recorded and more than just a one time thing and you have an actual artifact. Out of your 3 ideas the supply and demand idea with the cell phones is the weakest and the sunflower idea is the strongest. However the part of the sunflower animation that was the most successful was the integration of animation and the annotative information found in your graph. So you could technically use your teacher student ideas and just integrate the diagram in to it the same way. YOu need to make sure that the narrative doesn't overwhelm the viewer with extra information the contents are dense enough themselves without adding alot of extra information. I feel that the animation is more your style, but the book may help you have alot more contol and be able to relay the information to the viewer more clearly... look forward to seeing it man!