Monday, November 2, 2009

presidential debit card

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  1. Well other than the fact my image "creeped" you out, which was the intent, I did not receive any feedback into whether or not I interpreted his image correctly or not. Judging from your response to my image I fail to see a connection and I also do not feel like this is an adequate response to the systems level.

    I can only speculate to what is going on in your final image since there was zero feedback given back to me. You took your original image and deconstructed it even further, adding pink, what seems like a bar code, and the name of Abraham Lincoln in cursive. Perhaps you are trying to reference the last time we had government money (green backs) and the transition to centralized banking system in the united states and the formation of the federal reserve.

    The overall meaning I am really trying to make a stretch for is the deconstruction of Abraham Lincoln and his ideals and of this country when centralized banking and the Federal Reserve was instituted.