Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"statement for nonlinear project"

the project was nonlinear? It seems linear now. But at the time it was directionless with 5 changes of direction. I feel like the interactive flash project turned into a biproduct of the production of our video and audio. Through making this, I have personally gained the knowledge that all stories are nonlinear because of peoples varying attention spans. Knowing this also points to the fact that all performance is collaborative because it involves both the performers efforts to connect with the crowd as well as the audiences efforts to gain the experience and the intended message.


  1. The narration sound quality is poor so could use some help to make it more understandable. From what I can hear there is some really good content.
    The interface itself is too simple, it could really use some texture. There is lots of texture to the sounds and videos, so a textured interface would really marry well with the rest of the user experience.
    I like how you can layer some of the videos and sounds by turning multiple things on. This creates a more rich experience.
    A nice variation of film with sound, silent film and just sound. The choice of music on the black and white film is good and nicely looped so continuous play is available and because of its repeating nature you can get quite lost in the experience. Nice work.
    There were two buttons that didn't do anything.
    I love the addition of the fast moving footage of cars and streets. I feel this takes the theme of printing into a wider global/creative context which is nice. Overall, nice job, would love to see a different interface to fit with the quality of the sound and video :)

  2. hey cam!
    your nonlinear narrative is interesting, however it was slightly disappointing. Maybe that is because I know your work, and I also expect to see an element that blows my mind or something.
    The use of gray tones in the buttons are a nice choice since they can be considered an internal framing for your videos within the nonlinear narrative. The arrangement of the buttons seems arbitrary, and they don't seem to accentuate the videos except for the fact that they frame them. The videos were quite successful on their own I felt, and were very aesthetically pleasing. I wasn't sure why the stop motion with the cars and streets was included. I guess it is suppose to pertain to the idea of a print traveling, or the need to print quickly in order to satisfy the needs of the customer who is paying for the prints. I am not sure, but I still inferred some meaning from it.
    The buttons are easy to find, and I was able to play with your narrative feasibly. The video that repeats over and over again in short spurts is a nice touch. The idea of the print maker just doing that task over and over again emphasizes the self-discipline it would take to create print after print after print.
    I enjoyed your project, Thanks!