Monday, April 26, 2010



  1. I LOVE YOUR LOGOTYPE- the introduction of black amongst all that color is absolutely delicious, but I wish it showed up more. Your color pallet is overtly feminine and the black helps break that up a bit. Your mailer- The format is a nice break from tradition but it's also pretty girly- curvy and floral in appearance. The "elite" little copy on the front circle/seal might make the person feel special but it also comes across a bit pretentious or haughty. The twisty thing on the inside came out really well and really speaks to the essence of movement. I like that your pattern/color pallet is supposed to go with professionals and students, but I almost feel like the students should be orange circles and the professionals should be the blue sharp shapes. Students are still malleable and growing and changing where as professionals are more set in their ways. The blue for maturity makes a lot of sense and the orange/red really works for energy, maybe just apply them to the opposite forms?

    The inside of your name tag looks very professional.
    I love the animation, but there are a few parts that look intentionally glitchy, but right before that it looks just like a technical error, make sure everything looks equally intentional. Pull some of the shapes or patterns or colors from the animation and include them elsewhere. I LOVED the black boxes that were in the animation.

  2. I really enjoy the experience you implemented into your identity, this idea of objects in motion fusing together as well as professionals and students coming together and collaborating. It works perfectly that way and really give you a wholesome identity that can be implemented on many levels. Also, the strong color choices really make this work for you guys, it definitely speaks to the subject matter and its a nice touch to distinguish professionals and students.

    Overall the artifacts are well thought out and crafted and withhold the main ideas and style of your identity. What struck me the most was the interactive mailer, not only in opening but the simple spinner was such a nice, unique touch---definitely not something I would expect to see. With the motion piece I could really see all 3 of your experiments from Cam's type in 3-dimensions, Johnna's kaleidoscopic patters, and Mo's fragmented type in motion. The motion piece was beautiful and, for me, it was what brought your identity full circle, bringing the print elements to life. The real sense of motion is nice throughout the campaign; however, it may be nice to, as Tyler mentioned, to approach the practical information in a way that pushes the practical layout/nature of it.